​How Do I Place An Order?


     As of right now, I am not taking online orders. I am in the middle of working on production line and squaring away all loose legal paperwork.. If you are local to Tampa Bay area and are looking for something custom, contact me.


Payment and Shipping


     Right now I do have Paypal and am working on other ways to taking credit cards. When I do start shipping, I will send USPS Priority with Tracking..

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


     As said previously, I will be taking Paypal. Will be looking at other options down the road.

Returns & Refunds


     This may change a bit when I am fully operational. Custom orders, unless the sizing is blatantly off, no returns or refunds. I will repair bad rivets, but this should not happen. 


Privacy Policy


     Shhhhh. Don't tell Mom about the kinky stuff.