About Grizzly Leather & Chain

     I have been messing with leather since the mid nineties. Pretty much self learning and picking up some things along the way from different people. During this time I started tinkering with chainmail. The past couple of years I have been wanting to make a job out of this instead of just a hobby. I have that chance now. 


     My items can range from crude and rugged, functional and dependable. When I first thought of this endeavor, I was going to incorporate my chainmaille into my leather work. I will also be adding blacksmithing and carpentry items for sale once my skills and inventory allow it. 


     I hand make everything. Sew by hand. Only power machines I use are for heavy cutting, sanding, and welding. Unless made at the same time, no two items will really be the same. I like to mix my dyes when it comes to some of my leather items. I go for that uniques look so I love the slight blemish in leather whether it be from a scar, branding, or just some sweat that mingled differently with the dye. 


     My Facebook page will have some work on there of failed projects, works in progress, and prototypes. Sometimes I get an unusual item in and think it will look good as a bag or bracelet. Sometimes I am right. Build and learn. There will also be completed works with a story behind them. This is where I will keep up with random information of what is brewing in the shop.